Chancellor-Provost's Leadership Award

Chancellor-Provost’s Leadership Award recipients have demonstrated that they have served in multiple campus leadership positions throughout their academic journey, having left a positive and lasting impression on the community through initiating, leading, or supporting projects of activism or advocacy for social justice, inclusion, and diversity in unique and innovative ways.

Champion of Teaching and Learning Award

The Champion of Teaching and Learning Awards are given to students who have taken full advantage of their collegiate experience by engaging inside and outside of the classroom while creating learning opportunities for their peers.

Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award

The Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Awards are given to students who have committed their university experience by encouraging social justice, inclusion, and appreciation for the myriad of distinct and extraordinary perspectives within the Rutgers community.

Research Excellence Award

The Research Excellence Award is given to students who demonstrate high-quality research which exhibits critical thinking, analysis, and creativity. The award recipients have demonstrated measurable evidence of academic enrichment outside of the classroom utilizing new methods of discovery and critical thinking skills.

Competitive Excellence Award

The Competitive Excellence Award recognizes students who have achieved academic success and performed in competitive sport activities with dedication, sportsmanship, and exemplary character, leaving a positive and lasting impression on a community, team, or organization.

Student Staff Excellence Award

The Student Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff members who exceed job expectations. The award recipients have demonstrated exceptional initiative, dedication, and service through measurable impacts as a student employee.

Spirit of Rutgers Award

The Spirit of Rutgers Award recognizes individuals or student organizations that represent the values, traditions, and mission of Rutgers through their outstanding engagement, enthusiasm, spirit, and commitment to the campus community. 

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes individuals or student organizations who enhance the quality of life at Rutgers and in the community through campus-based activities, service, philanthropy, and/or special activities on or off campus.

Bridge Builder Award

The Bridge Builder award recognizes individuals or student organizations who have demonstrated collaborative initiatives across a variety of organizations and activities with inspiring leadership that brings together stakeholders from across the university to create positive and substantial impact of change.

Revolutionary Award

The Revolutionary Award recognizes student leaders or organizations that have demonstrated creativity, originality, ingenuity, and/or resourcefulness in addressing local and global issues.

Paul Robeson Renaissance Award

The Paul Robeson Renaissance Award recipients have exemplified the principles to which Rutgers graduate Paul Robeson devoted his life: scholarship, humanitarianism, advocacy, athleticism, and artistry while practicing the inclusive approach to diversity that the University holds as a core value.