Chancellor's Leadership Award

The Chancellor’s Leadership Awards are given to graduating students who exemplify excellence and truly embody a commitment to leadership and involvement on campus and/or in the community.

Samantha Shaw

Samantha Shaw has served as Senior Orientation Leader with the New Student Orientation & Family Programs where she hosted programs for new students and parents and supervised over 40 new Orientation Leaders. She has worked as Promotions Director and a DJ for the 90.3 radio station “The Core,” and was chosen to volunteer with the…


Murtuza Hussain

Murtuza provides graphic design for The Daily Targum and the Rutgers Summer and Winter Sessions, serves as Chief of Staff for the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA), Initiatives Head for the Off Campus Student Association (OCSA), and serves as a member of the RUAA Scarlet Council. He was a part of the RUSA team that,…


Monica Torres

Monica Torres is an EOF and Honors Student, and through her participation in the McNair Summer Program became interested in the Native American history of Rutgers. Through research, she became aware of the decline of the Rutgers Native American student population.  She contacted various administrators with her findings, effectively bringing the issue to light. She…


Maggie Morash

Maggie Morash holds the honor of being awarded the 2015 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and was chosen as a Rhodes Scholar finalist. She maintains an exceptional academic record, is Captain of the Rutgers Women’s Soccer Team since her sophomore year, founded the Youth Empowerment Club, and has been a FIGS Peer Instructor.   She has completed…


Jeremy Yeaton

Jeremy Yeaton is an SAS Honors Program member as well as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Sigma Iota honor societies.  He completed a senior thesis project for both the French and Linguistics Departments and his project has won him a Benjamin Franklin travel front from the French Embassy.  It also served…


Jake Comito

Jake Comito has taken his own exemplary initiative in combating sexual assault on campus. Through his informative visits with other organizations, engagement with the Rutgers newspapers, and effort to extend his campaign to various Vice Chancellors and Directors within the university, Jake has made Rutgers one of the most active contributors to the fight against…


Ismelka Gomez

Ismelka Gomez has held influential roles in the Rutgers Women & Global Education House, Spanish House at the Global Village, as well as the Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs where she served as Global Ambassador. She conducted a social action research project regarding undocumented women and domestic violence through which she provided…


Fahad Akhtar

Fahad Akhtar’s wide-ranging campus leadership has included roles such as Campus recruiter for the White House Internship Program, Department of Economics Peer Instructor, and President of the Alumni Association Scarlet Council. He has also maintained membership in the SAS Honors Program, as well as research internships with the National Institute of Early Education Research and…


Da’shon Holder

Da’shon Holder is the current President of the Rutgers LGBTQQIA people of color organization and advocacy group and an influential member of LLEGO.  He has served as a cadet in the Senior Reserve Officers Training Corp (ROTC) and a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) Alumni and Mentor. His efforts to improve whatever organization he…


Christina McGinnis

Christina McGinnis has served as RUSA Senator of Douglass Campus, SAS Senator-at-Large, and as the student representative to the Rutgers Board of Trustees. She utilized these roles to advocate for actions in favor of female Rutgers Students and the creation of a Sexual Assault Committee within RUSA. In addition, she earned a position on the…


Champion of Teaching and Learning Award

The Champion of Teaching and Learning Awards are given to students who have taken full advantage of their collegiate experience by engaging inside and outside of the classroom while creating learning opportunities for their peers.

Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee is currently a tutor for students in General, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.  Previously, he served as a Teaching Intern for the Honors Organic Chemistry courses, and as a chemistry tutor for the Rutgers Learning Center.  When writing about his profound love of chemistry he explains his journey of becoming a tutor at Rutgers…


Saaketh Krosuri

Saaketh Krosuri is being acclaimed for his admirable efforts of fostering academic opportunities for his peers here at Rutgers. Despite it being his second year here, this young man has already achieved an enormous amount of accomplishments while serving the investment banking club LIBOR. He has also taken a step further to charter the first…


William Kelly

William Kelly currently serves as a learning assistant for the Learning Resource Center and has directly impacted the learning of at least 200 students in philosophy and physics courses. Despite mistakenly being assigned as a learning assistant for an additional course this semester he never complained about his assignments,  approaches his work positively and is…


Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award

The Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Awards are given to students who have committed their university experience by encouraging social justice, inclusion, and appreciation for the myriad of distinct and extraordinary perspectives within the Rutgers community.

Linsey Goon

Linsey Goon currently serves as a co-chair for the Rutgers University Queer Caucus. They are an outstanding student, leader, and educator on campus working to support multiple communities on campus. They are a long-time employee and office manager at the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities, where they are quick to provide mentorship…


Jason Gaines

Jason Gaines is a leader within the Rutgers Future Scholars Dream Team.  The RFS Dream Team is an absolute powerhouse in the realm of diversity and inclusion. The organization has its roots in the Rutgers Future Scholars program that has been run by the University for over 8 years. The first class of Future Scholars…


Brianna Battle

Brianna Battle is the vice president of the Rutgers University Student Assembly, and currently serves as the student co-chair of the Chancellor’s Taskforce on Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Values. She has led and participated in initiatives on campus that have helped to raise the voices of those who experience marginalization. She has raised awareness on…


Research Excellence Award

The Research Excellence Award is given to students who demonstrate high-quality research which exhibits critical thinking, analysis, and creativity. The award recipients have demonstrated measurable evidence of academic enrichment outside of the classroom utilizing new methods of discovery and critical thinking skills.

Andy Liebau

Andy Liebau has been involved in research at Rutgers since the summer before he enrolled at Rutgers.  He began working in Professor Monica Driscoll’s lab in the summer of 2012, and has continued there researching the connection between MicroRNAs and Dietary Restriction in C. Elegans.  He presented that research last summer at the 20th International…


Lauren Fish

Lauren Fish has an impressive track record of making meaningful contributions to research across biomedical engineering and medical science. She has served as a Research Assistant in the Rutgers Biomedical Engineering lab of Dr. Martin Yarmush, worked as a Research Assistant for the summers 2011-2014 in the Cardiovascular Research Center of the Icahn School of…


Kevin Feigelis

Kevin Feigelis was described by his advisor, Professor Sunil Somalwar, as the type of student who maintains straight A’s, juggles multiple research projects and makes publication-worthy contributions. He has completed an honors thesis in Physics and Astronomy analyzing data from the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. He has presented his work in front of international…


Competitive Excellence Award

The Competitive Excellence Award recognizes students who have achieved academic success and performed in competitive sport activities with dedication and exemplary character, leaving a positive and lasting impression on a community, team, or organization.

Arrianna Diamantis

Arrianna Diamantis is a graduating senior and the current President of the Women’s Club Hockey Team.  Other club teams have access to fields and courts for their practices, but the hockey team has to establish contracts with rinks off-campus, which can be costly.  In response, our recipient has worked tirelessly to secure funding for the…


Mark Blajsa

Mark Blajsa was selected by his peers to serve as the President of the Club Sports Executive Board.  In this role, our recipient provided oversight to all 55 sport club teams and served as the spokesperson for all club sport activities to the Vice Chancellor.  As the President of the Rutgers Baseball Club he recruited…


Student Staff Excellence Award

The Student Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff members who exceed job expectations, and display exceptional and exemplary initiative, dedication, and service as a student employee.

Christian Villatoro

Christian Villatoro has been a Student Center employee for the past 4 years.  He started as a work study student and by his third year was a Senior Manager.  He has tirelessly worked to create an atmosphere of pride and commitment at the Centers and serves as a role model to his fellow managers and…


Ashley Vega

Ashley Vega serves as the Senior Manager for Student Center Meetings and Events Office. She supervises 25 student employees and supports professional staff with scheduling over 20,000 bookings annually.  Last spring, while a full-time staff member was out on medical leave, she assumed the role of a professional staff Event Coordinator significantly increasing her responsibilities…


Kayla Broyles

After the Office of New Student Programs had their three-year intern graduate, they were looking to replace that position, with a student who could fill the shoes, and Kayla Broyles took on the challenge and since has been a valuable member of their team. This student in a short period of time has the lead,…


Spirit of Rutgers Award

The Spirit of Rutgers Award recognizes individuals or student organizations that represent the values, traditions, and mission of Rutgers through their outstanding engagement, enthusiasm, spirit, and commitment to the campus community.

Derek Noah

Derek Noah transferred to Rutgers from community college, but has made his mark on our school, and especially on the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, in the two years since. He is an active member of the RU Composting Group, seeking to implement composting on Cook Campus, the SEBS governing council, The Daily Targum,…


Rutgers University Toastmasters

Rutgers University Toastmasters is an is an organization that promotes education in public speaking and leadership as part of the non-profit organization Toastmasters International.    For the first time in their 8 year history they have reached Distinguished Club status by meeting 5 or more of the goals set by Toastmasters International for club excellence in…


Kristen Huang

Kristen Huang is a commuter student who has been a shining example of someone who broke through the difficulties of commuter life and rose to the challenge of immersing herself into all that this great university has to offer. Her current involvement includes participation as a Scarlet Ambassador, Douglass Residential College Media Team member, Douglass…


Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes individuals or student organizations who enhance the quality of life at Rutgers and in the community through campus-based activities, service, philanthropy, and/or special activities on or off-campus.

Katie Miller

Katie Miller has been involved with organized and individual acts of service throughout her Rutgers career. Active with Dance Marathon, she has raised money as a dancer, energized others for over 30 hours as event emcee in 2015, and visited families through the Embrace Kids Foundation. As an intern for the Creative Communicator Social Skills…


Eunice Shu Mean Kok

Eunice Shu Mean Kok has been active in efforts to serve both international students at Rutgers and the local New Brunswick community. She has volunteered for international student orientations and shared her Rutgers experience for international school counselors. In the local community, she has tutored students through Youth Empowerment Services and has taught computer literacy…


Keerthana Hirudayakanth

Keerthana Hirudayakanth Director of the Community Service Committee for the Rutgers University Programming Association. She has worked diligently to launch this new committee within RUPA and provide Scarlet Knights with meaningful opportunities to volunteer. She has successfully doubled the number of participants in Scarlet Day of Service and expanded the community partners throughout New Jersey.…


Bridge Builder Award

The Bridge Builder Award recognizes individuals or student organizations who have demonstrated collaborative initiatives across a variety of organizations and activities with inspiring leadership that brings together stakeholders from across the university to create positive and substantial impact of change.

Revolutionary Award

The Revolutionary Award recognizes student leaders or organizations that have demonstrated creativity, originality, ingenuity, and/or resourcefulness in addressing local and global issues.

Sapphira Tsang

Sapphira Tsang has exemplified remarkable creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness through their efforts both on and off campus. Her unique passion for market research led her to found the Data Analytics Lab student organization, where she effortlessly inspires others to expand upon the knowledge they gained from class and apply them to real life entrepreneurial projects.…


Rutgers University Habitat for Humanity

Rutgers University Habitat for Humanity works tirelessly to combat the lack of sustainable and affordable housing in the community.   To do this, they have developed a three-pronged model to address the universal issue of improper shelter including service, fundraising and advocacy.  They also attend service based workshops at RU, seek local donors, and have partnered…


Rutgers Hillel

Rutgers Hillel is an organization that fosters innovation by allowing its’ students, leaders and general members, to create their own programming and new initiatives. This group fosters a creative and original environment that encourages students to follow their passions.  Their social justice initiatives have made a difference as well, with students visiting hospital patients in…


Paul Robeson Renaissance Award

The Paul Robeson Renaissance Award recipients have exemplified the principles to which Rutgers graduate Paul Robeson devoted his life: scholarship, humanitarianism, advocacy, athleticism, and artistry, while practicing the inclusive approach to diversity that the university holds as a core value.

Sidra Zia

Sidra seeks to actively engage with her diverse pursuits.  In addition to coursework, she has actively participated in independent study/research in the areas of astrophysics, Philosophy, Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic, and Sculpture. Her passion doesn’t end at the borders of Rutgers as she also participates in philanthropic extracurricular activities outside of Rutgers in both New Brunswick…


Sarah Waxman

Sarah is described by her nominator as being able to “do anything and everything well, but she is especially good at being a leader, being a generous, personable, creative and forceful agent for positive improvement.   She makes every group in which she involves herself, better.” During her time at Rutgers she has embodied the legacy…


Jeremy Goldsmith

Jeremy has been recognized for exercising the principles Paul Robeson devoted his life to: scholarship, humanitarianism, advocacy, and artistry. This student is actively involved in Students Against Sweatshops, Ben Azzai: Social Justice Through a Jewish Lens, Verbal Mayhem, and is a founding member of Rutgers J Street U. He places his efforts to help feed…